Bogdan Soban

Text your image, 2014

a generative art project 

Text your image is a generative art project designed and realized by Bogdan Soban who explores the possibilities of artificial creativity using his own software. The main goal of his researches is to create artworks very closed to fine art without showing their computer origin. Among different approaches applied during his thirty-years development carrier, the author chose a text image generator to realize this project. Word or text has different meanings or values: direct meaning starting from the language rules, a figurative meaning of reader, numeric values starting from ASCII codes and finally a graphic interpretation using numerical values of letters processed with program algorithms. The software clearly shows the transformation from words or letters through numerical values to graphic image. The interactive program works in real time and it requires an input text to generate an image. The same text always generates exactly the same image. The user has the possibility to save or to print the image or to send it via mail to a friend.  

After graduated at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Bogdan Soban started his carrier in the area of informatics and computer technology. This was a turning point in his life in professional and personal meaning. His deep knowledge of computer programming caused the idea of possible computer creativity. His basic question was how to use computer abilities to simulate the human creativity especially in the area of visual art. In this way he started his large generative art project. During all these years he developed a lot of programs using generative art approach to generate always new and unpredictable pieces of visual art. His programs are based on mathematical algorithms and produce abstract images with occasional details from real world. In order to expand the generative art philosophy he organized more than hundred and fifty personal and group exhibitions, video projections, workshops, lectures and he wrote a lot of papers and presented them on international conferences.