Sheridan Kelley Adams

Building Blocks (Animation Series), 2007-2014

Inspired by the stories we were lulled to sleep by as children, this series of animations relies wholly on the building blocks of digital video (pixels) and pure color to communicate with the viewer.
I am at heart a storyteller, compelled by curiosity and the need to experiment. This series has kept me engaged because so much is possible within its constraints. Rather than tell one story, I seek to initiate a conceptual narrative that provides the opportunity for inferential meanings, construed understandings, and unexpected discoveries.

Sheridan Kelley is a graduate of Bowdoin College, received her MFA from the Savannah Collegeof Art and Design, and studied New Media at the University of Maine. Originally trained as a painter, her recent work involves video and new media applications. 
Currently, Sheridan teaches courses in Art, New Media and Intermedia for the University of Maine and is the co-founder of Knife Edge Productions, a company that specialises in video and media production.