Pamela Barberi

From Slovenia with bread and love

Online game, 2014
Produced by BridA at R.o.R residence

"From Slovenia with bread and love" was created by an exchange of recipes between  Slovenian and Italian tradition during  the residency at R.o.R residence in Šempas (Slovenia) in July 2013. The research originated from curiosity to compare  the culinary traditions of  Slovenia around the use of old bread. The reuse of bread has a huge tradition in Tuscany and this was a motivation to work on it. You shouldn't  throw away old bread but use it with love to discover the pleasure and taste of  simple things. Included is a collection of recipes presented with a game that helps us understand which are the ingredients that compose them and direct viewers to have a conscious use of food, as well as,  maps which trace the places, emotions and meetings that took place in Slovenia during my research. The game is a kind of sharing recipes and an ongoing research on-line.

Pamela Barberi was born in Florence in 1978. She graduated in 2006 in Film History and Criticism at the University of Florence - DAMS with Professor Alessandro Bernardi.She is  currently living in Scandicci (Florence). Active as an artist and independent video-maker working for years on the urban environment, with particular attention to changes that occur and to the emotions and feelings of the people who inhabit it. In the last  years her research has been oriented to the study and research of sound. She is also engaged in curating and artistic direction of European projects, which were developed by the artistic research carried out in the countries she often visits. She has been collaborating for years with the Asssociazione Fabbrica Europa, of which she is  a member, with the European project Roots & Routes - developing projects in the field of visual art. In January  2013 she completed a Master in Planning  cultural events at the Association of GAP in Rome, whereb she worked on the graphic design for the exhibition of Bruno Melappioni and on the concept of unconventional marketing strategies.