Mark Durkan & Eilis McDonald

Travelling from Dublin to Berlin on a Ryanair flight with a Lidl bag

Performance, postcard, 2010, 2013

Travelling from Dublin to Berlin on a Ryanair flight with a Lidl bag was a performance undertaken in 2010 to illustrate the similarities between these two renowned Irish and German International exports. 2013 marks the three year anniversary of Ireland’s economic bailout program. Eilis McDonald and Mark Durkan commemorate this occasion by producing a postcard which delivers an alternate vision of the economic and political links of these two countries. While so much has changed in the years since the work was first performed, some things, like the business practices and ideologies of these two Irish and German budget companies, never change.

Mark Durkan is an artist based in Dublin, Ireland. Employing roleplaying processes and simulation methodologies, he engages with the architectural presence of a space and the people that embody it, transposing people and place with a joint idiom of value and threat. He has previously exhibited in Solstice Arts Centre, Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, Museum of the Moving Image, New York, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, Via Farini, Milan and the German Chancellery, Berlin.

Eilis McDonald is a visual artist based in Dublin, Ireland. She creates installation and screen based work using collections of numinous objects and images hoarded from the peripheries of the internet and the consumerist landscape. She has previously exhibited in galleries such as Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Dublin, 319 Scholes, New York, Stadium Gallery, New York, Bemis Centre, Nebraska and Irish Museum of Modern Art.