Joakim Hansson


Video made in 2010.


It is put there to keep us all safe, but what happens if the material these silent everwatching cameras gather is centralized and abused? What is safe? Who is being watched? Why? What are the risks of that the material will be used retroactive in the future by a system of government unimaginable today? Completely legal activity today might be illegal tomorrow. For instance the 80s the taliban were freedom fighters, today they are terrorists. What happens if you are viewed as a criminal or even worse; a terrorist in tomorrow’s society? What happens if you can be proven to having been in contact with future enemies of the state years from now, friends of yours that today are ordinary law-abiding citizens?

The proof is there – your image, your e-mails, your phone records.

Joakim Hansson works in several techniques, often presenting his work as installations where the audience are involved as co-creators. He was born in Sweden in 1974, received his BA in fine arts in 2010 from Novia University in Finland and his MA in fine arts from Umeå Academy of Fine Arts in 2012. Joakim has participated in projects arranged by Platform (FI) in the Venice Biennial of 2007 and the Istanbul Biennial of 2009, he has among other places exhibited at Survival Kit 4 (LV),Kulturitehaas Polymer (EE), Kalmar Konstmuseum (SE) och Pärnu City Gallery (EE), redPoint Gallery Barcelona (ES), Elverket Ekenäs (FI). During 2014 he will among other places exhibit at TotalDobze (LV), Alternative Cultural Centre Gracanica (Kosovo), GeoAIR(GE), HUMlab-X (SE) and Kalmar Konstmuseum (SE)