Project 59 / Irina Danilova, Hiram Levy, Dan Tulovsky

Alternative Calendar

Interactive internet project, 2013

Existing calendar systems are short on the ”human factor”, individual-less. They give an environmental illusion of a space, while in reality just going by, indifferent to all the populations inhabiting them through the ages. To fill this void, we created the Alternative Calendar, which is generated by personal events and based on the individual life experience. Recycling the Gregorian calendar, the Alternative Calendar is your personal event calendar. Based on one day as the obvious unit of time in personal experience, it has 59 days in each month and 59 months in a year. The date of every event can generate its own calendar and each generated month can be named by the people involved. Alternative Calendar was conceived by Irina Danilova, realized together with Hiram Levy and programmed by Dan Tulovsky from a selection of Java scripts, some borrowed from the jQuery catalog and some developed specifically for this project. 

Project 59 is a flexible collective for the realization of different art projects. Irina Danilova started Project 59 in 1995, and since 2003 she works in collaboration with Hiram Levy. Irina Danilova is an artist, performer, curator and Assistant Professor at City University of New York. She was born and raised in Kharkov, Ukraine, lived and worked in Moscow, and since 1994 she has lived and worked in New York. Hiram Levy is a prominent environmental scientist. Dan Tulovsky is a professional programmer and developer.