Christian Rupp

AnAlphabet – MESSages

New media installation, 2011

AnAlphabet is a collection of the letters A-Z taking the most catchy letters from the best known brands of the world. In the installation the letters can be taken by the audience and rearranged on a screen into words/sentences/messages.
Logos are ”branded” into our heads with enormous economic power, by constant repetition. By linking the logos to other content in advertising the audience is programmed for certain associations (emotions, moods, values, adjectives). Billions are spent each year on positioning brands in the brains of prospective customers. This process is aimed to take effect on an unconscious level. The findings that Ivan Petrovitch Pavlov stumbled upon while investigating the digestive system of dogs are applied on a global scale to us, the consumers.

Christian Rupp studied at the Technical University of Vienna (Physics) – continued at the University of Applied Arts. His dual approach stemming from natural sciences and arts also led to further studies in interdisciplinary communication (University of Vienna). Scholarships abroad include USA, Sweden and China.
Conceptual approach: media vary according to ideas and subjects touched. 
Works involve photography, graphics, video, elements of performance and installations. Exhibiting and at times curating abroad, often in Greece, Finland and northern Europe. With partners in Athens initiated, co-organized and curated projects: 2007 ”Traumaqueen”, Athens / ARTmART (250 artists with egalitarian, low-treshold sales principle), Künstlerhaus Vienna, 2007, 2008, 2010 / 3 exhibitons of Austrian art in Athens 2009 ”Flavors of Austria” + 2010 ”Austria la Vista Baby” – the art foundation, 2013 ”Great Balls of Austria” – CAMP.