Maja Smrekar

Hu.M.C.C. (Human Molecular Colonization Capacity)

Bioart installation, 2012

Food prices are going to rise in the future due to production capacity which decreases inversely with the global population growth. Therefore the question is posed if there is a possibility that human molecular production capacity in the DNA, as one of the few uncolonized biotechnological materials, could become an alternative trade tool, (based on a system of genetic credit), which could become one of the next stages of evolution? Hu.M.C.C. – Human Molecular Colonization Capacity project dwells on the food industry biotechnological production that is in its final form represented as a design food concept – a yogurt package called Maya YogHurt, containing the product of an artist´s enzyme. The project stands as a social darwinism experience set paraphrased within the realm of industrial food chain process. It also paraphrases a concept for the waste of productive forces explored by Marx, who established a connection between rising levels of accumulation of the capital and the fall of tendential rate of profit. Therefore the Hu.M.C.C. dwells in the so called ”Soylent Green” paradigm where the fear of ecological cataclysm turns into a subtle critique of corporate cannibalism. 
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Maja Smrekar graduated at the Sculpture Department of Fine Art Academy in Ljubljana in 2005, currently finishing MA at the New Media Department. 2012 – Cynetart Festival (Dresden/Germany) – awarded by the European Center for Arts Hellerau with the 1st prize for the project Hu.M.C.C. (Human Molecular Colonization Capacity) 2013 – Ars Electronica Festival (Linz, Austria) – Honorary mention for the project Hu.M.C.C. (Human Molecular Colonization Capacity) 2013 – The Golden Bird Award (Ljubljana, Slovenia) – the national award for special achievements at the field of visual art by the Liberal Academy for the project Hu.M.C.C. (Human Molecular Colonization Capacity).

Brand identity,web design: atelje.Balant designers
Website coding: Oliver Marčetič
Co-worker at the field of molecular biology: dr. Metka Lenassi
Co-worker at the field of molecular gastronomy: Tilen Konte
Co-worker at the field of biotechnology: dr. Špela Petrič
GENE DESIGN CONSTRUCT executed as a gene synthesis service by GenScript Express Company, NJ, USA 
Photodocumentation: Miha Fras (Kapelica Gallery); Jože Suhadolnik (Delo newspaper)