Arjan Pregl



Arjan Pregl developed a visually similar project in 2007 for the 29th Biennial of Graphic Arts in Ljubljana where he dealt with the political situation in Slovenia and the “self-censorship” of Slovenian journalists at the time. Pregl took some political texts and, with a word processor, blotted out some words to render them unreadable. Pregl presents a sort of convergence between pornography and word processing, both of which are an important part of everyday PC use (most PC users work with a word processor and “sex” is the most searched for word on the Internet ...) as well as being digital, leaving only the sexually explicit words in the text and blotting out the rest. The viewer can “fill in” the gaps, enjoy the empty colourful composition and contemplate the meaning of censorship and regulation of Internet contents.

Arjan Pregl was born in Ljubljana where he gained his MA in Painting (2001). He attended the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in the USA during his final semester. He later gained his second MA (Printmaking) in 2004. The work of Arjan Pregl intertwines three key themes: a constructive criticism of art theory, humour and political edge. All three points of departure meet and find their expression mostly in the field of painting. Group shows he has participated in include: MGLC, “We Want to be Free as the Fathers Were”, Ljubljana, 2010; Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, “Drawing in Slovenia II. 1940–2009”, Zagreb; “Territories, Identities, Nets: Slovene Art 1995–2005”, Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana, 2005; “Revisions: Painting 70+90”, Gallery P74, Ljubljana, 2001.