Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman

Response Sound Maps/Walks

radioCona / Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman in collaboration with Radio Aporee / Udo Noll

It Is Time For Alert [Vrijeme za uzbunu]: Daniel Premec 
They Live (In Search of the Primal Text) [Oni žive (u potrazi za nultim tekstom)]: Maja Pelević and Milan Marković
Phantom Fountains [Fontane Fantomi]: Ronald Panza and Mili Sefić
Vitic Dances [Vitić pleše]: Shadow Casters (Bacači sjenki)
High noon [Točno u podne]: Zli bubnjari
Word is a Weapon, Take It Out of Your Mouth [Beseda je orožje, vzemi jo iz ust]: Simona Hamer, Simona Semenič, Zalka Grabnar Kogoj
Especially in August (Sidomos ne gusht): Ervin Hatibi  
Prince Marko Ploughing [Oranje kraljeviča Marka]: Saša Markovič Mikrob
Transmit Walk: Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman

The sound maps are created by nine selected (art/activist) works based on sound perception. The artists extracted the sound that was primary in their work, and set it on the map of the selected locations conditioned by the production of their work. The selected works share a critical perception of social and political events based on sound intervention into a public space.
The Response Sound Maps/Walks maps are based on the Radio Aporee application. There are several modes of perception available to the visitor: a) a physical experience of the walks / artistwalks following marked paths composed of artworks in Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Mostar and Durres; b) a virtual walk on the map available at the gallery and online; and c) a combination of a physical and virtual experience.
This exhibition project further pursues the creative endeavours of radioCona focused on sound and revisits possible relations to a concrete, physical space. The map formed investigates whether in situ works are able to establish a network of spatial connections that, by way of interactive sound maps, consolidate, complement or even transform the perception as well as the experience of a given space.
The selected locations on which the works extend are not neutral, they have been inscribed within the reactions to political and social transformations. What is the actual strength of a directed hearing experience?  How does a sound experience affect the perception of space? A visitor of Response Sound Maps/Walks becomes a listener of the space that incorporates the reaction to what happens in the city. 
Produced by: CONA, Institute for Contemporary Arts Processing  &  

Irena Pivka is a Ljubljana-based artist, architect and scenographer /MA at Faculty for Architecture in Ljubljana, MA at St. Martins College of Art, London (MA scenography).
Irena Pivka works in two areas of performing and newmedia arts, since 1995, continuously self-employed In the field of culture full time.
Together with Brane Zorman she estabished CONA institute for procesing contemporary arts. In 2008 Cona started production of a long term art project radioCona/Temporary Project radio For Contemporary Arts, which employs the space of a public radio frequency.
She received several international artist in residence programs and as guest artist she prepared several international presentations and artist lectures about her work. As a scenograper and costume designer, she designed over fifty scenographies and collaborated with the majority of performing and dance producers in Slovenia.
From 1999 to 2010 she was guest professor at the School of Applied Arts Famul Stuart. Since 2010 she is guest profesor at the University of Nova Gorica, High School of Arts.

Brane Zorman, composer, newmedia artist, sound manipulator, producer is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.  He composes music, as well as creates internet, intermedia and soundart projects, live performances and events. Together with intermedia artist Igor Štromajer (Intima) is a co-author of world-renowned Internettikka Balllettikka guerilla internet projects. With Irena Pivka he cofounded “CONA Institute for contemporary art processing”, institute that produces intermedia radioCona project, ZVO.ČI.TI ( projects and publishes artist's books. For time defined CTR series he composes and performs spatial sound and video performances (the last being HIDDEN MATERIA in three sequential parts, based on decoding and converting lava and vulcano eruption visuals to sound). He releases his works under Creative Commons licences.