Miha Turšič, Špela Petrič, Maja Murnik

Voyager/140 AU

Art for deep space

VOYAGER/140 AU re-examines the final moments of one of the pinnacles of human civilization, the Voyager project. We propose that, of the 140 astronomical units (AU), the space probe Voyager 1 and 2 further focuses on artistic manifestation of technological emancipation. This is made possible by using the algorithm consisting of a system of three interconnected, mutually dependent differential equations which simulate homeostasis, and environmental interference which originate from the Voyager’s PLS instrument. This process of creating order from environmental interference is the fundamental principle of life, which achieves the desired emancipation from the known terraformative and terrabiological within the authentic space environment. Life thrives on Earth, and we travel into deep space with its digital abstraction.